The Hakomi Institute Southwest


The Hakomi Institute Southwest  is a professional educational organization dedicated to providing high quality training in the Hakomi Method of mindfulness-centered somatic psychology. Training is offered to  to  a wide variety of those serving in the healing arts and sciences. Past students have included graduate students, psychotherapists, social workers, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, body work practitioners, Oriental Medicine practitioners, dance and movement therapists, coaches, Yoga instructors, pastoral counselors and spiritual directors.

We offer workshops, comprehensive training in the Hakomi Method, Hakomi for Bodyworkers, and Hakomi Skills for Oriental Medicine Practitioners.  Our current locations include Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Tyler, Texas and Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Durango, Colorado. In addition, we offer advanced training and supervision for Hakomi graduates and Certified Hakomi Therapists and Practitioners.
Comprehensive Professional Training in the Hakomi Method offers:
  • An ongoing group context wherein the Hakomi Principles maybe practiced.
  • Experiential and well as didactic education catering to kinesthetic, visual and auditory learning styles
  • The widest spectrum of effective, applicable Hakomi skills for mental health professionals and other professional dedicated to the art and science of healing and actualization
  • An integration of leading-edge discoveries in the psychotherapy field (including neuroscience, traumatology and attachment research) to support professionals in their work. These new discoveries both illuminate how and why the Hakomi Method works, and inform our curriculum and teaching approaches.
  • Opportunities for personal development and transformation

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Please visit the website of the Hakomi Institute for more information, including an international Directory of Practitioners, a Calendar of Workshops and Trainings with links to Hakomi organizations internationally, an online Professional Journal, and many other resources.